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Beer and Nachofest!

2019 food is all about NACHOS because NACHOS are the perfect food delivery system! These will all be served inside of Firkfest from $5-8. Photos are for preview purposes only and may sizes may differ.

We’ll have a bunch of great stuff this year from:

Urbana Mexican Gastronomy

Located on the bottom floor of the Packing House, Urbana’s constantly flowing bar and sexy Mexi bites are always a must-stop.

Al Pastor Nachos from chef Ernie

The Iron Press

Chef Peter at The Iron Press has been one of the best new additions to the food hall recently. Have you checked out his entirely new menu? His nachos are incredible! The Iron Press is upstairs in the Packinghouse and has one of the best beer programs in Anaheim.

House nachos at The Iron Press

House nachos at The Iron Press

Heritage Barbecue

There’s no doubt you’ve seen the OC’s latest barbecue popup hotness. Daniel Castillo is bringing true central Texas smoked briskett, available as an addon to Iron Press’ nachos or solo! Price TBD.

Bark-crused brisket from Heritage BBQ

Adya Fresh Indian Flavors

Chef Shachi has fulfilled our dream of eating Indian-style nachos for ONE. DAY. ONLY. Get it here! Try it with her BOMB chili hot sauce! (Vegetarian). Adya has a terrific happy hour with beer on draft and is located upstairs at the Packing House.

Love, Indian style from chef Shachi at Adya

Promenade Pub (TBD)

Cultivation Kitchen (TBD)